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Pumping For Promotion: Seamus O’Reilly Fist Fucks Dale Savage

Pumping For Promotion: Seamus O'Reilly Fist Fucks Dale Savage 4

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On Fisting Central, Seamus O’Reilly really needs good promotion, but his boss Dale Savage tells him “You know the golden rule – Pumping For Promotion”. Actually, Seamus knows that rule very well. Last time he got his ass pumped for promotion, so the only thing he has to do is return the favor.

If you’ve forgotten the story, Dale’s the head of a big talent company. He finds the best musicians and artists and makes them even more famous through his amazing methods. But Dale’s still just a man. And like any man, he has crossed the border personal-professional relations. His talents should be not just good, they must share the great passion of Dale in order to succeed. In short, only real fisting fans will be promoted.

The last time Seamus O’Reilly had his chance at a promotion, but Dale Savage was greedy enough to ask for another favor – “Pump me for promotion,” he said. That’s how this episode of “Pumping for Promotion” starts.

Dale climbs on the table and spreads his legs wide. Seamus gloves up and slowly penetrate Dale with his whole fist. The tattooed ginger stud fist fucks and blows Dale until he cums with Seamus still fisting him.

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