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Pumping For Promotion: Seamus O’Reilly Gets Fisted By Dale Savage

Pumping For Promotion: Seamus O'Reilly Gets Fisted By Dale Savage 4

In this week’s episode of “Pumping For Promotion” by Fisting Central, Seamus O’Reilly ‘s unusual working habits put him in the position of a gay fisting bottom. His boss Dale Savage will take care of it. Seamus is one of the best promoters in the office and he really works very hard. His clients always get the best service, 24 hours a day and Dale get only excellent feedback on the work of his subordinate.

But being so devoted to your work can be too tiring and burdensome. Seamus O’Reilly has found his way of secret relaxation because he practically lives in the office. During his lunch breaks, he necessarily grabs his favorite gay porn magazine and unloads his balls inside the little room behind the office. Seamus just started jerking off, looking at gay fisting pictures when Dale Savage suddenly opens the door and sees Seamus’ little secrets.

Seamus is worried that his boss caught him masturbating, but he is even more worried about the photos he has been viewing. “I see, you like fisting”, Dale tells him. “I like it too” he adds. Seamus is relieved… No need to explain anything else. He does not expect such an offer, but Dale is direct and asks him if he would like a deep anal massage. This is an offer that Seamus cannot refuse. So very soon he gets the best rosebud punching in his life.

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