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Teacher’s Pet Fister – Drew Dixon & Micah Martinez

Teacher's Pet Fister - Drew Dixon & Micah Martinez 6

In “Teacher’s Pet Fister” by Fisting Inferno, Drew Dixon & Micah Martinez have a fisting session during one lesson. In this first part, Drew plays the bottom. Drew has just enrolled in a master’s program at a local university. He will specialize in anatomy and the head of his program is Micah. During the first lesson, Drew should learn more about the anatomy of the colon.

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Micah Martinez shows the different parts of the colon and finally reaches the anus. He tells his student that it is a little-known fact that the anus is a muscle that can stretch so much that it can take a whole fist. Drew Dixon smiles and tells Micah that he knows this fact very well and can even show his teacher how it happens.

Micah Martinez has never seen fisting live before and is extremely curious about it, so he is happy to accept his student’s offer. Drew Dixon grabs a bottle of lubricant from his backpack and gives it to his teacher. It doesn’t take much for Micah to slide his whole fist into Drew’s hole. After the session, Micah is so enthusiastic about what he’s seen that he decides to try the limits of his own hole. Expect this show in the second scene of “Teacher’s Pet Fister”.


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