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I’m Your Fucker – Tony and Luke for Bromo

I'm Your Fucker  - Tony and Luke for Bromo

Luke is everything a master can dream of. He is submissive, obedient, and eager to serve. In this scene by Bromo, Luke submits to rough top Tony. We don’t know when, how and why, but Luke ended up in the middle of an abandoned construction. He’s tied to a pile of bricks, completely naked and confused. When Tony approaches, we understand what is happening. It seems that Luke has been kidnapped by Tony and now the rough master prepares his slave for a bit of raw fun.

Tony wears a mask on his face, so we see only his eyes. We look down and realize that Tony is quite fit – big biceps, well-shaped chest, big six-pack… and a big cock. Now we’re sure Luke’s not really a victim, he’s a lucky man. We’d like to be in his place. Meanwhile, Tony is already standing in front of Luke, ready to shove his cock down Luke’s throat. Face fucking is brutal, but something harder is next.

Gay Fisting & BDSM: I'm Your Fucker - Tony and Luke for Bromo

It’s time for a spanking. Tony ruthlessly spanks Luke’s butt until it’s bright red. Luke screams for mercy, but when Tony stops, Luke invites him to continue. Looks like Luke actually likes spanking. Speaking of spanking, is there anything better than balls clapping well-shaped buttocks?! It’s time for the coolest part, where Tony penetrates Luke and fucks him roughly, bareback.

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