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Pumping For Promotion: Teddy Bryce Fists Julian Torres (FFurryStud)

Pumping For Promotion: Teddy Bryce Fists Julian Torres (FFurryStud) 4

This week’s episode of “Pumping For Promotion” by Fisting Central features Teddy Bryce and Julian Torres (FFurryStud). Teddy plays the top and Julian plays the fisting bottom. The story is a bit complex, as usual, so before we get to that part containing gay fisting, we’ll watch something like a hot prelude. Julian plays the role of a chief accountant at Teddy’s office. His occupation is difficult, but he has found a way to fight the tension. Every afternoon, when the restroom is free, Julian goes there and masturbates, it’s his way of expelling stress.

Today is just another day and Julian Torres does the same. He’s in the room, his pants down on the floor, and his hand firmly rubbing his cock. Nothing different on that day, until Teddy Bryce suddenly invades in the room. Seeing his subordinate with a cock in his hand, Teddy decides that he wants to try Julian’s extra fat dick. Julian doesn’t mind inviting his boss to try his salami. Teddy gets down on the floor and starts sucking.

Then, Teddy wants to test FFurryStud’s hairy ass. FFurry gets on all fours and gives Teddy full access to his meaty butt. Teddy buries his face between the hairy cheeks and rims Julian’s ass. Not long after, Teddy penetrates FFurry from behind and pounds him in all positions possible – on the desk, on the floor, actually everywhere in the room. While fucking Julian, Teddy realizes there is room for more.

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Teddy Bryce asks Julian Torres about the golden rule of their office – Pumping for promotion, and Julian tells him he adores that type of pumping. Now Teddy is sure – Julian needs a big fist up his hole. He gloves up and pushes his fist, as Julin swallows it for a second. Teddy continues by punch fisting until Julian’s rosebud appears pulsating, red and fat, as a sign of divine pleasure. In the end, Teddy tells Julian “It’s my turn for pumping for promotion”. In the next episode, they will turn the tables.


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