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Inauguration – Axel Abysse Punches Lawrence Knight

Inauguration - Axel Abysse Punches Lawrence Knight

Fisting Inferno

Inauguration – Axel Abysse welcomes Lawrence Knight to his brand new fisting playroom.

It’s time for “Inauguration” – Axel Abysse‘s latest cool fisting project featuring him and his friend Lawrence Knight who bottoms for Axel’s fist. Good news for Axel’s fans. In recent months, he has been quite busy building his fisting playroom. It wasn’t an easy process – first a major renovation, then a lot of design work, choosing the best lighting, slings … in general, something really difficult for a perfectionist like Alex who always wanted to have his own special fisting room.

Now the playroom is finally ready and it’s time for the inauguration. Of course, the event is very special and Axel Abysse can’t wait to share it with his fans. For this special day, he invited his friend Lawrence Knight. Lawrence is not only the first guest in Axel’s fisting playroom, but this is also his first scene with Axel. Here on Redixx, we’ve seen him once with a nice session with Yoshi Kawasaki.

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Who is Lawrence Knight?

Like Axel, he is based in Japan, although he is Canadian. A shibari rope model, Lawrence often finds himself tied up and suspended in excruciatingly pleasurable positions by some of the most talented rope artists around. Somewhat new to the fisting scene, Lawrence knew there was no turning back once he took his first fist. He remembers clearly how he could barely breathe the first time he took punches and how pleasure pulsed through his whole body. Now he is constantly craving it. He knows how to give good fisting as well; nothing beats melting into the expressions of pleasure his fisting partners show while he explores their insides.

To Lawrence, both shibari and fisting are sensual collaborations. He is grateful to the experienced community around him, including Axel, to allow him to share his love of these kinks with the world. His art is available on his Just For Fans channel, where you can see quite interesting ways of sexual gratification.

Inauguration - Axel Abysse Punches Lawrence Knight

Inauguration - Axel Abysse Punches Lawrence Knight 1

Inauguration - Axel Abysse Punches Lawrence Knight 2

Inauguration - Axel Abysse Punches Lawrence Knight 3

Inauguration - Axel Abysse Punches Lawrence Knight 4

Inauguration - Axel Abysse Punches Lawrence Knight 5

In her first fisting session with Axel Abysse, Lawrence Knight plays the role of the bottom. He jumps into the sling and makes the inauguration of Axel’s fisting playroom. Axel shoves his fist into Lawrence’s hole and gives him a series of brand new sensations. Punching is what Lawrence adores, and Axel knows a lot of techniques for perfect punching.

Axel Abysse

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