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James Oakleigh Fist Fucks Luka Sage

James Oakleigh Fist Fucks Luka Sage

Luka Sage already made his debut for Club Inferno Dungeon. The young bottom returns for more fist fucking, provided by his buddy James Oakleigh. This beautiful video is a part of the series “The Big Tool”. As you know we’ve selected only the best moments.. So the perfect extended trailer is here.

James Oakleigh Fist Fucks Luka Sage
James slowly penetrates Luka with his fist.

Now, let’s talk about the scene. It features some ass fucking, some rimming, blowjobs and of course – fisting. Something more, Luka really likes punching and James gives it to him. We’ve included all the parts – from the moment when Luka is sucking James Oakleigh, thru that part with Luka getting fucked in the ass, till the best part when James is fist fucking Luka.

James Oakleigh Fist Fucks Luka Sage 1
James is wrist deep inside Luka’s ass.

We already mentioned punching and as you’ll see Luka Sage just adores it. Once James is wrist deep into Luka’s ass, he starts rosebud punching – nice, fast and hard. Don’t miss it!

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