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Heavy Handed Tutor: Teddy Bryce Fists Mike Panic

Heavy Handed Tutor: Teddy Bryce Fists Mike Panic 2

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In this episode of Fisting Central’s “Heavy Handed Tutor”, Teddy Bryce penetrates Mike Panic‘s tight hole with a whole fist. Teddy just finished getting his asshole destroyed by Mike Panic’s thick fist and wants to do the same to Mike’s hole. Teddy starts by burying his face in Mike’s ass and rimming him long and deep until Teddy can’t hold off any longer.

Heavy Handed Tutor: Teddy Bryce Fists Mike Panic
Teddy is fucking Mike before fisting him.

When Mike’s hole is throbbing and ready for more, Teddy slips his big hard cock into Mike’s ass and pumps away like it’s the last ass he’ll ever get to plow. ‘Looks like you need something more than just my dick,’ Teddy calls out. Mike happily agrees, and Teddy throws on his rubber gloves, grabs his vat of grease and works his hands slowly into Mike’s back door. He starts with just a finger or two and builds on that until he’s alternating hands in and out of Mike’s formerly tight hole.

Heavy Handed Tutor: Teddy Bryce Fists Mike Panic 1
Teddy stretches Mike with his big fist.

Mike Panic opens up even more and Teddy slips further in, getting wrist deep. Teddy works Mike’s ass with both hands, getting faster and deeper with each plunge from his alternating fists. Teddy Bryce keeps up the pace until Mike declares that he’s ready to cum. Teddy pulls his hands out of Mike’s ass to let him turn around and cover the floor with a load.

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