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Fisting Inferno

Jay Dymel Fists & Fucks An Anonymous Bottom

Jay Dymel Fist & Fucks An Anonymous Bottom

The best thing about gay prides is that a huge amount of men come together in one place. Great, because most of them are enthusiastic and horny, and they never miss out on numerous parties after the parades. Jay Dymel is a participant in one of the events during the pride, but it seems that he is the subject of attention. Sexy young man dances near his platform and gives clear signals that he wants to continue the party with Jay. That’s how the scene starts, Jay invites the man into his hotel room. It turns out that the young dude is the hungriest bottom in the world. Jay starts by barebacking the stud but very soon his new fuck buddy tells Jay he loves fisting. From then on, Jay rotates fists and his huge, raw dick.

Gay Fisting & BDSM: Jay Dymel Fists & Fucks An Anonymous Bottom

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    Fisting Inferno


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