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Man With Leather Gas Mask Torments His Slave

Man With Leather Gas Mask Torments His Slave 5

When the man with the leather gas mask comes, he grabs the whip to torture his submissive slave. He will be strict, rude, and uncompromising, without complying with the slave’s pleas for mercy. The smells of skin, fear and raw masculinity are palpable.

The Plot: Hogtied with wrists and ankles bound in thick black rope, mocha-skinned Kaell Fernandes writhes on the floor. But definitely not in distress, he’s turned on and ready for some more punishment. Dark muscle stud Mr. Black is happy to give him all the kinky treatment he craves.

He’s dressed in a black leather hood and harness, the strict merciless dream dom that gets any submissive thirsty. Yanking the slave up by his gray harness, Mr. Black brings him to his knees and ready for a severe dressing down. Kaell’s thick cock swells as Mr. Black stretches and pinches his nips. He gives Kaell’s muscle butt a few hearty slaps before tenderizing with the snap of a leather paddle.


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