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Master Sharok Torments His Slave Chance Summerlin

Master Sharok Torments His Slave Chance Summerlin 8

Master Sharok puts on a red latex uniform and enters the dungeon, where completely naked and bound, Chance Summerlin is waiting for him. The master spanks and flogs the poor slave, before he slides his dick down Chance’s throat. After that, he tortures Chance’s cock, balls and nipples, before he finally fucks him aggressively and rough. If you like the scene, you could use our special link. It gives you 50% discount on your membership at Kink Men.

Scene details. Sharok enters the scene, muscles swelling through an all red latex bodysuit. He spits in Chance’s mouth and hits his chest with his exposed hands. He harvests Chance’s ass hard and Chance shouts, asking for additional. Sharok turns him around and harvests Chance’s balls over and again. From that point forward, Sharok liberates Chance’s dick from the ropes and reveals to him he has ten seconds to get his dick hard and he’ll get a reward. Chance Summerlin rapidly gets his dick hard before the ten seconds is up and Sharok follows through on his arrangement and sucks Chance’s cock.

While he’s down there, he puts various clothespins around Chance’s nutsack and keeps blowing his cock. Sharok binds Chance’s hands behind his back, twists him over, and takes his blindfold off. He puts an arachnid choke between his teeth. He snatches Chance’s head and destroys it down to his hard dick and fucks his vast slobbering mouth. Sharok removes the creepy crawly choke from his mouth to more readily hear Chance shout as he gets hit with the flogger. Sharok grains on Chance Summerlin’s ass, over and again lashing him until his ass turns brilliant pink.

Next, Sharok binds Chance to an old leaning back seat with rope. His legs are spread totally open in the parts, and his options are limited to his sides and verified to the seat. Sharok gets a white fabric and spots it over Chance’s face and start’s pouring water over it. Chance squirms and heaves from under the wet material and before Chance can regain some composure, he puts his dick in his mouth and fucks his throat. He smashes his hard dick into Chance’s exhibited asshole. Sharok fucks his ass firm and blows his fat burden all over Chance Summerlin’s face.

Gay Fisting: Master Sharok Torments His Slave Chance Summerlin 1

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