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Men On Edge: Jacen Zhu

Men On Edge: Jacen Zhu 6

This week’s video by Men On Edge is probably the best one ever. It features Jacen Zhu, Sebastian Keys and Chance Summerlin. Jacen gets edged in the all ways possible – dildo fucking in the end, cock and balls play, armpit licking and even foot worshiping. Keep in mind that we’re still offering an exclusive discount – 50% off your membership at all Kink Men’s sites, so you if you like what you see, tap here and redeem your discount.

Now, let’s talk about the video. Sebastian and Chance choke Jacen and cut his garments off, uncovering his stone hard cock. Jacen Zhu battles to escape, yet its absolutely impossible he’s escaping these ropes. Vulnerable, Jacen looks as Sebastian Keys licks his armpits and plays with his areolas. He groans as Chance Summerlin swallows his cock. His back curves up off the table as he fucks Chance’s wet mouth, looking for discharge. Next, Jacen is tied with his ass uncovered. The young men begin prodding his cock with a vibrating sleeve. At the point when Chance begins prodding the head, Jacen is going to free it. He asks to cum, yet the folks aren’t finished with him yet. They love his excellent feet with their mouths, and stretch open his asshole with a dildo.

Jacen Zhu groans as the dildo ruptures him. He can’t trust it feels so great, and it feels far better when Chance Summerlin swallows his cock once more. With a cock in his ass and mouth on his cock, Jacen is prepared to blow, however every time he draws near, he is denied. The young men continue prodding him until at long last they let him cum and he blows a fat burden. Promptly they begin stimulating him and get some information about giving a break. Jacen concurs as he flails uncontrollably, incapable to quit snickering as the young men’s fingers discover all his sensitive spots.

Gay Fisting & BDSM: Men On Edge: Jacen Zhu

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