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Meaty Muscle Machinists, Part 6

Meaty Muscle Machinists, Part 6 1

Boy Fillmore has his hands bound and is hanging from the over head crane, high above the machine shop floor. Adam Faust lowers Boy to the ground and gives Boy a good flogging, preparing him for BossMan Jim Ferro. BossMan Jim has Boy get on his knees on the machine shop floor and beg for his load. Jim slides his fat, pierced cock in Boy’s furry ass. The whole time Boy is getting fucked, he’s begging for Jim to shoot that hot load deep in his hole. Jim commands Boy to beat off in his hand. After Boy cums in Jim’s hand as ordered, Jim feeds Boy the load that he just worked out. Jim then has Boy wash that sweet cum down with some of Jim’s salty man-piss. Chad Brock joins these two pigs, adding his own piss to the mix, which he squirts from his rock hard cock. Ray Dalton feeds Chad some piss of his own from on top the fork lift to finish of the men’s piss break. This scene makes you wonder, “Where do I send my resume, to apply for a job at this Machine Shop?”

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Gay Fisting & BDSM: Meaty Muscle Machinists, Part 6

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