Men On Edge: Donnie Argento

Men On Edge: Donnie Argento

Club Inferno Dungeon

This week on Men On Edge, Donny Argento is bound with ropes, with a gag in his mouth, waiting for Gay BDSM masters Sebastian Keys and Chance Summerlin to show him what does cock edging means, and torment his strong body. The two enter the dull prison and encompass the enclosure like two sharks who’ve recently discovered prey. They get at his furry striped tissue, pressing his muscles and stroking his thick dick. Chance gets to his knees and sucks Donnie’s cock with style and eagerness and Sebastian appends clothespins to the sides of Donnie’s body. Chance lubes up an unmistakable stroker and slides it onto Donnie’s firm throbbing cock and twitches him off with it.

Through the ball choke in his mouth, he asks to cum, however, the two are not done having a fabulous time so they prevent him the delight from claiming shooting his heap. Sebastian appends a vibrator to the highest point of Donnie’s pole utilizing more rope and his dick gets significantly harder and he asks to cum again and by and by his climax is halted abruptly. Next, they bring Dillon down from the pen and tie him up lying face-down on the floor on his stomach with his ass in plain view. His legs and arms get integrated into a Hogtie, and with his hard cock out, Chance gets to stroking it. The two of them stimulate his toes and Donnie squirms and chuckles. They lube up a spinning prostate toy and slide it into his asshole. Possibility and Sebastian each take a foot and together they lick and suck Donnie’s toes. The prostate massager, the foot licking, and the cock stroking are a lot for Donnie to deal with thus they turn him over and Chance polishes off Donnie’s cock, stroking out different burdens.

Gay Fisting: Men On Edge: Donnie Argento 1

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