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Men On Edge: Micah Martinez

Men On Edge: Micah Martinez 1

Men On Edge welcomes its new recruit – Micah Martinez. Dominic Pacifico and Sebastian Keys take care of him by edging his dick and dildo fucking his ass.

Micah Martinez is feeling very happy today. After 2 years of being out of work, he is finally hired by people he loves – Kink Men. Micah drinks coffee, listens to music, he really looks happy. A little later he gets into the car and heads to the studio. He meets Kink’s boss, who explains to him what his duties will be. In short, Micah will be a boy for everything. He will be part of the building maintenance team. Well, those are the plans. As experienced in the industry, the owner of Kink has already noticed that Micah is worthy of something better.

So the big boss calls Dominic Pacifico and Sebastian Keys and tells them he has the perfect novice for Men On Edge. Soon they arrive and their boss shows them a record of his conversation with Micah. In front of them stands an attractive ebony man with plenty of body hair and many tattoos. Dominic and Sebastian are instructed to take care of the novice, making him part of the men on the edge. They think this is a difficult task, but when they enter the studio, they see Micah Martinez, fucking one of the toys. Apparently he loves perverse things, so the problem is resolved.

Dominic Pacifico and Sebastian Kesy fix Micah for a special sex bed through leather straps. Now he is completely immobile, with his penis expanding further. Sebastian will take care of it. He wraps his lips around the big, brown cock and blows Micah Martinez for a while. Dominic soon replaces him and begins to massage Micah’s cock with a vibrating toy. Meanwhile, Sebastian penetrates Micah’s hairy ass with a big, vibrating dildo as Dominic continues to massage the dick.. That’s how Micah ends – with his ass stuffed with a large dildo and his well edged cock. Welcome to Men On Edge, Micah!


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