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Men On Edge: Vincent O’Reilly

Men On Edge: Vincent O'Reilly 5

Sebastian Keys and Dominic Pacifico welcome Vincent O’Reilly on Men On Edge. The two sadistic masters stroke Vincent’s cock and fuck his ass with a fat dildo. You probably remember last week, when Vincent made his BDSM debut in a scene with leather Master Jacen Zhu. Jacen tormented and fucked Vincent, as we were able to enjoy Vincent’s extremely hot body. This cool looking guy has nice tattoos, and the most important thing – his cock is really big, just the perfect cock for edging. Sebastian and Dominic both are very happy to show Vincent the other side of BDSM.

The scene begins with Vincent O’Reilly, who enters the studio to be tied as the Masters require. Dominic Pacifico approaches him and begins to rub his dick. Vincent is on the edge of shooting his load when Dominic suddenly stops. It’s Sebastian Keys’ turn to play with the guy. He blows the big penis of Vincent, as meanwhile, Dominic licks Vincent’s foot. Vincent is again close to the final, but the experienced masters know exactly when is the right time to stop. It’s time for one final round before Dominic and Sebastian allow Vincent to cum. Sebastian puts a fat dildo inside Vincent’s ass end begins to fuck him. Dominic positions himself in front of Vincent to suck his dick. Now, double serviced, Vincent can’t hold anymore. He cums with an explosive shoot all over the room.

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Gay Fisting & BDSM: Men On Edge: Vincent O'Reilly

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