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Myles Landon Submits Nate Grimes & Drew Dixon – Part 1

Myles Landon Submits Nate Grimes & Drew Dixon - Part 1

If you want to be submitted to a rough master and ruthlessly used you must make an effort to go to Submission Prison. Myles Landon, Nate Grimes & Drew Dixon are already there! It’s strange to see two of the most popular gay fisting idols in a scene that doesn’t include fisting, but the scene is nice… it’s a light bondage one, but still rough enough to make your cock as hard as a rock. Well, we also still prefer watching Nate and Drew bottoming for fists, but this week the focus is different.

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“Submission Prison” is the name of Fisting Central‘s latest BDSM production. We still do not know the exact number of scenes included, but assuming the movie follows Fisting Central’s standards, this episode should be the first part of 1 session, with the total number of episodes being 6, or 3 sessions split into 2 parts. So, this is definitely the first part. Myles Landon plays a prison guard and Nate Grimes & Drew Dixon play the submissive prisoners. “Submission Prison” is not as hard as we would like, but still, it contains enough elements of the typical BDSM action – CBT, flogging, nipple play, restraints, and submission.

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