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Nate Grimes Fists Niko Reeves – Part 2

Nate Grimes Fists Niko Reeves - Part 2

Bank officer Niko Reeves wants to make a good impression on his boss Nate Grimes, but apparently Nate is not particularly impressed, what’s more, he wants to punish Niko. Nate gets Niko alone in his office, he bends him over the desk to see whether Niko can bear the penalty, which includes brutal gay fisting and sadistic deep-throating.

Nate gets Niko out of his clothes and shoves his long boner down Niko’s throat. He brutally pounds Niko’s mouth before he concentrates on his ass. Niko knows what is going on but he isn’t sure that his ass is prepared for gay fisting. After all, he let his boss go on until Nate’s fist finally slides wrist deep inside Niko’s anal ring.

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