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Pierce Paris Rides A Traffic Cone

Pierce Paris Rides A Traffic Cone 5

Pierce Paris has proven he can take on absolutely anything – from a huge dildo, through a giant dick & a fist to a traffic cone, he can really do everything. Wait, wait, wait… a traffic cone, is it possible?! Yep, it is and Pierce likes fucking it. You probably remember how Pierce was foot fucked by Sebastian Keys, or his bottoming in a fisting session with Hugh Hunter and Scotty Taylor… So, there’s no surprise, Pierce just loves to put big things into his ass.

Pierce’s colleagues and best friends Dante Colle & Michael DelRay know about his obsession with hole wrecking, but they want to watch the live version. Pierce Paris doesn’t mind to show the guys his ass skills. The hunk starts by taking a remote control up his gape. Dante and Michael look impressed, but they need it harder. That’s why Michael grabs a baseball bat and shoves it into Pierce’s hole. Now with his well-stretched ass, Pierce is ready for the real show. He lubes a traffic cone up and takes it up his ass. He takes almost half of it, an it’s so amazing, isn’t it?! To prove that he is the best, Pierce then welcomes both of his friends to his ass and lets them fuck him double, bareback.



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