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Ryan Bones Fucks The Cum Out Of Drew Dixon

Ryan Bones Fucks The Cum Out Of Drew Dixon 3

Drew Dixon doesn’t like the gentle copulations. Fortunately, Ryan Bones is too far from the kind of gentle lover. The inked top fucks the cum out of Drew in this extremely rough gay sex session. It all starts while Drew and Ryan are pumping their muscles during their daily fitness program. The smell of sweat and male hormones is irresistible and Ryan gets a boner. Drew, like an experienced pig bottom, notices what’s going on in his partner’s sweatpants, but it looks like Ryan’s determined to finish training before everything other.

Finally, the workout ends and Ryan Bones pulls his dick out of his sweatpants, letting Drew Dixon suck the giant cock. Drew blows the cock, licks the balls, but he also needs the taste of Ryan’s hairy armpits. He moves up to lick Ryan’s muscle chest and sweaty armpits, before bending over with his ass ready for rough penetration. Ryan glides his bare dick into Drew’s wrecked ass and fucks him aggressively until Drew’s hole is loaded up with Ryan’s thick cum.

Gay Fisting: Ryan Bones Fucks The Cum Out Of Drew Dixon 1


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