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Pierre Rubberax Gets Wrecked By Silas Rise – Part 1

Pierre Rubberax Gets Wrecked By Silas Rise - Part 1

Leather sweatpants, bondage and domination – Pierre Rubberax submits to Silas Rise.

Silas Rise appears in sweatpants of faux leather, ready to wreck his new slave – Pierre Rubberax. It seems there’s rough fun ahead! Pierre always achieves his goal – to be tied up and harshly used, no matter who is his master or where the session takes place. In this episode, our sadistic top Silas will be in charge of Pierre, subjecting him to a series of brutal activities… just as Pierre desires most!

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Pictures from the session

At the outset, Silas shows Pierre his place – the slave is on the floor, in a position that clearly indicates that he will serve his master in every way possible. Silas Rise spits into the slave’s mouth and shoves his throbbing cock into it. Pierre Rubberax is subjected to brutal face fucking, but his master needs to slide his cock even deeper. He positions his slave on a pile of straw where true wrecking begins. Silas barebacks Pierre in different positions before he cums deep inside Pierre’s pulsating gut.


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