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The Puppeteer Wrecks Puppy Davey With Massive Dildos

The Puppeteer Wrecks Puppy Davey With Massive Dildos 5

Fisting Inferno

Puppy Davey likes his ass gaping!

The best fisting twink Puppy Davey comes back for another hole wrecking scene for My Dirtiest Fantasy. The Puppeteer brutally fucks his rosebud with very big dildos. The scene is definitely interesting because the places where the action happens are really very curious. For example, Davey hooked up to the railing with strong ropes and his hole brutally destroyed by a dildo fucking machine… Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?!

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Photos – The Puppeteer Wrecks Puppy Davey With Massive Dildos

It all starts with Puppy Davey lying on the bed in a straitjacket of leather. Near them is placed a bucket full of huge dildos. The Puppeteer chooses one of the biggest – a red dildo bigger than a fist. The Puppeteer fucks Davey with the toy for a while before he shoves a monster dildo into Davey’s ass and lets him ride the toy. In the last part, Davey is tied to the ceiling of the room, and The Puppeteer rests, relying on the work of the dildo machine.


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