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Pierre Rubberax Shaves & Fist Fucks David Luca

Pierre Rubberax Shaves & Fist Fucks David Luca

Fisting Inferno

It’s a 100% Euro gay fisting session in this new video by Axel Abysse where rubber top Pierre Rubberax shaves and fist fucks David Luca. You’re probably puzzled about what shaving and fisting have in common. Well, we have news for you, shaving is one of the well-known fetishes. It belongs to so-called Hair fetishism. Believe it or not, some people get sexual arousal at the sight of a man shaving another man. Of course, Axel has long discovered this fetish and decided to present it to his audience.

Briefly. In this video, you’ll see Pierre Rubberax shaving David Luca before pumping his entire fist into David’s hole. This shaving part is interesting, but Pierre, dressed in a rubber uniform, penetrating deep into David is much more interesting, isn’t he?

About Pierre Rubberax

Born and raised in Paris, Pierre Rubberax is not your regular twink : this fashion student is both a kinkster and a drag queen.
Porn lover, he started shooting amateur videos back in April 2018 with his ex-partner. In August 2019, he naturally moved to more professional productions.

He’s a latex fetishist, hence the name, but he also expresses interests for bondage, leather, humiliation, pup play… All of that mixed with sensuality.
In their first scene together ‘Sleek’, Axel introduces Pierre to the joy of fistingโ€ฆ in latex of course.

About David Luca

David Luca is a travel sized 25 year old Adult actor based in Malaga Spain. The Half British, half Latino actor works as an English teacher for young children during the day and a professional writer in the evening. He has a sex and body positivity column in QX Men magazine and also writes queer theory for

Kink and Fetish have been an integral part of his career and his private life from his late teens to the present day. A sexual explorer, he has used his platform to promote fisting in Spain and open up younger people to the world of kink.

His favourite kinks are fisting, rubber and bondage. Speaking 5 languages he has worked all over Europe and had an exciting career for three years even winning best Twink scene at the 2019 Hustlaball awards in Berlin.

David Luca is now a brand ambassador for Xtube and works closely with Gaydar. He is working on producing his own content and writing his first book. You can follow him on twitter at @DavidLucaXxX and on instagram at @xdavidxlucax.

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Axel Abysse

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