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Pigsty – Pigboy Ruben Punches Axel Abysse

Pigsty - Pigboy Ruben Punches Axel Abysse

Pigsty is the latest and probably the most brutal gay fisting video on AxelAbysse.Com. It features Axel Abysse and tattooed punk Pigboy Ruben. Pigboy Ruben doesn’t just look incredibly aggressive and rude. In fact, his appearance is a direct reflection of his style of sex – Pigboy is extremely hard, very rough dominant top who likes to own and use his bottoms. If you want to be treated like a worthless man designed to serve men, Ruben is your guy. Axel Abysse is really excited about this session. He knows what type of fucker is Ruben and definitely wants the full program – hole punching, humiliation, pissing, brutal fucking… actually absolutely everything. So it’s a true pigsty!

Pigboy Ruben appears and he looks like the dream of every leather, rubber and PVC fetishist. He is dressed in a PVC top that successfully imitates leather. We go further down, as the ensemble ends up with football socks and sneakers. Of course, he is in tattoos and piercings from head to toe… Interesting man, which makes him the object of our desire. We are not a fashion magazine, so we stop with the descriptions and pass on to the action.

For most of the session, Axel is on the floor because Ruben considers that the place of this fisting whore is right there. Axel today just serves Ruben, with no option to choose. The scene is extremely intense, as the guys change positions and styles every few minutes. Pigboy fucks Axel’s giant rosebud, drenches him in piss, face fucks him, and of course, fists him. Fisting is very rough and this time Axel Abysse overcomes his own limits. His rosebud looks so huge and swollen in the end. You should see it. Before we let you enjoy the full video, we want to share what our favorite part is. In the middle of the session, Pigboy puts on a very fat rubber glove and punches Axel’s ass by it. It’s a very extreme hole stretching and we love it!

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