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Pumping For Promotion: Teddy Bryce Gets Fist Fucked By Julian Torres

Pumping For Promotion: Teddy Bryce Gets Fist Fucked By Julian Torres 5

In this episode of Pumping for Promotion by FistingCentral.Com, tattooed power bottom Teddy Bryce gets his ass punch fist fucked by furry, beefy bear Julian Torres (FFurryStud). In this scene, Teddy plays the role of the boss and Julian is his employee. Today the two of them have a very important meeting to discuss the plans for the development of the company, but Julian is late, which allows Teddy to play with his hard cock. Teddy is jerking off when Julian suddenly appears. Julian is shocked to see his boss with a member in the hand, but after a brief inconvenience, he quickly finds a way to apologize for his delay.

Julian drops on his knees and takes Teddy’s rock hard member down his throat. As Teddy enjoys the blowjobs, he tells Julian that he likes to cum with a finger in the hole. Of course, Julian obliges. He puts 2 of his fingers inside Teddy and finger fucks him, but it looks there’s room for more. Julian pushes his fist harder and it disappears inside Teddy’s hole. Julian punches that ass until Teddy Bryce’s big rosebud blooms out. A little more punch fisting puts the end of this episode of Pumping for Promotion.

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