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Punch In – Punch Out: Brian Bonds and Derek Parker

Punch In - Punch Out: Brian Bonds and Derek Parker

Brian says he’s got other talents that he’d like to show his boss that may make him change his mind. The young stud shows Derek a toolbox full of toys and bends over the urinal to open his tight hole. Derek spits, licks and rims Brian’s asshole then selects a huge 5 lb. dildo. He covers the weapon in lube and works it deep inside Brian’s guts. Once his hole is stretched, Brian wants his boss’ fist up his ass. Derek pulls on the rubber gloves and shoves his entire hand up the kid’s ass, pulling out to expose a big red rosebud. Derek continues to fist Brian’s hole then stands up and blows his load all over Brian’s furry stomach and chest. Looks like Brian’s keeping his job after all.

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Gay Rimming

Gay Dildo

Gay Fisting Photo By Redixx.Com

Club Inferno Dungeon

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