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Pup Matticus Gets Fist Fucked By Seth Tyler

Pup Matticus Gets Fist Fucked By Seth Tyler 6

Pup Matticus is a small guy, but he has an unbelievably big asshole. It looks that Pup was born for gay fisting.. literally. Seth’s fist looks bigger than Matticus’ legs, and it literally looks impossible to slide in the ass, but Pup takes it – without any difficulty he swallows the fist up to the wrist. And that’s just the beginning. Without prior preparation, without any stretching, he directly takes the hand. What a professional! Seeing his potential, Seth gives him the punching he’s always dreamed of. We can’t wait to watch Pup Matticus again. And here’s what Seth shared about his first date with Matticus.

Pup Matticus was referred by Alex Bronze who messaged me on social media and said Pup was interested in filming and getting fisted. I were all over it. Pup Matticus makes a messy debut and I easily fits my entire fist inside Pup’s willing and ready ass, over and over again.

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