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Retribution: Axel Abysse and Dominic Pacifico

Retribution: Axel Abysse and Dominic Pacifico 9

Axel Abysse gets his cock and ass serviced by Dominic Pacifico in a really brutal gay fisting and cock sounding session.

Last week we showed you how Axel Abysse penetrated Dominic Pacifico with his fist for the absolute first time. So we could say that Axel took Dominic’s fisting virginity. The session was really great. Axel shoved his rubber gloved arm deep inside Dominic and punched him very hard. All these things – rubber, dildos, fisting, it was an epic action. That was definitely not the end of their story. Actually, it was just the beginning. If you remember, earlier this week we announced the collaboration between Axel and Dominic, so here’s the result.

In the present video, Axel Abysse and Dominic Pacifico exchange their positions because Axel can not leave unsatisfied from the basement of Pacifico. You probably know that Dominic was a part of the KinkMen’s team for a long time, so he decided to make it even more extreme, by sounding Axel’s cock. This is not the first time we see Axel in a penis sounding scene but this time he gets his cock hole seriously stretched. Dominic inserts a large catheter inside Abysse’ member and plays with his urethra. In fact, we haven’t seen anyone going so deep in Axel so far.

Then, Axel’s favorite thing. Of course, sounding is great, but Axel Abysse couldn’t leave his hole empty. Note that Dominic Pacifico has not removed the catheter yet. It’s still deep inside Axel’s cock when Dominic is starting punch fisting. Pacifico proceeds hard punch fisting immediately. Axel’s huge rosebud is opened even wider, while his dick sprays piss everywhere. This is called double service. The big plastic thing stimulates Axel’s dick while Dominic destroys the last remnants of his ass. In the last part Dominic fucks Axel’s ass with a giant orange dildo.. A pretty hard action. We don’t remember a more extreme session. If you have seen one, please comment.

Axel Abysse

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