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Fisting Inferno

Rob Ryder

Rob Ryder

Southern stud Rob Ryder is a hot bi fellow who has never been tied up and edged, so Jessie and Sebastian choose to get him a full session. They strip Rob to his clothing and secure him to a seat, ensuring his hands can’t go anyplace close to his dick. When Sebastian completes the ropes, Rob as of now has a furious oopsy-daisy.

They blindfold the kid to increase the vibes of their tongues running over his cock and areolas. Utilizing the fleshjack, they increase the edging, leaving Rob asking to cum. In any case, Jessie and Sebastian aren’t done yet. Victimize gets acquainted with two hitachis and Jessie’s mouth, about blowing his heap.

They move Rob to the bed and attach his appendages off to the bedposts. Lying spread out on the bed, Rob has his toes loved and asshole investigated. The vibrating cocksheath has Rob dribbling with precum before Sebastian tastes Rob’s hole as Jessie draws him off.

Choosing to at long last let the kid cum, Jessie and Sebastian drain a thick load from Rob before a fierce tickling and cock torment. They fit the cock sheath back on Rob’s touchy dick and leave the room as he battles against his servitude.

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Gay Fisting & BDSM: Rob Ryder

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