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Sebastian Keys Tortures Cody Winter

Sebastian Keys Tortures Cody Winter

Cody Winter gets seriously tormented by Sebastian Keys.

Tied to the cross, Cody Winter is ready to meet his master Sebastian Keys. Sebastian comes, fully prepared for hard cock, balls and nipple torture. He puts clamps on Cody’s nipples, and on his hard cock. Then, Sebastian starts flogging Cody’s body. The slave is screaming as Master Sebastian beats all parts of Cody’s body.

Sebastian Keys Tortures Cody Winter 1
Sebastian is flogging Cody.

Next, the electrical buttplug. Sebastian inserts a fat metal dildo in Cody’s hole and switches the machine on. The electrical stimulation causes Cody some serious anal spasms. But it also helps his hole to become wider. The perfect moment another Master to join.

Sebastian Keys Tortures Cody Winter 2
Sebastian beats Cody as the masked man is face fucking him.

A masked man in rubber from head to toe approaches Cody and shoves his cock in Cody’s mouth. After face fucks him, the masked man ruthlessly fucks Cody as Sebastian spanks him.

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Gay Fisting: Sebastian Keys Tortures Cody Winter 1

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