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Viktor Rom Fist Fucks Axel Abysse – Part 2

Viktor Rom Fist Fucks Axel Abysse - Part 2 2

Viktor punches Axel’s famous rosebud once again.

It’s Black Friday so Viktor Rom puts on his black rubber gloves once again. Axel Abysse’s rosebud gets fist punched hard and deep. The scene opens with Axel’s gaping cunt. He stretches it even wider as Viktor is spitting into it. It looks that Axel’s gape is ready for a big Spanish dick.

Viktor Rom Fist Fucks Axel Abysse - Part 2
Lick that huge flower!

The tattooed Spaniard inserts his cock and tries to fuck Axel’s ass. “It’s like a wrecked pussy” thinks Viktor while plowing the giant hole. Axel loves that cock and the way Viktor pumps him but he still prefers fisting. Not long after he asks Viktor to fist him.

Viktor Rom Fist Fucks Axel Abysse - Part 2 1
Axel adores self fisting.

Viktor starts fist fucking as he and Axel take turns fisting the rosebud. Rom boxes the ass hard until Axel’s rose is blooming. Abysse pees in his own hole and Viktor then lick his rosette.

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