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Sebastian Keys Tortures Colby Tucker for Bound Gods

Sebastian Keys Tortures Colby Tucker for Bound Gods 8

Sebastian Keys dresses up his leather pants, puts on his black leather boots and heads to the dungeon where naked, tied and helpless Colby Tucker is waiting for him. In this week’s scene by Bound Gods, Sebastian shows his worst side – that one of the sadistic, aggressive master who ruthlessly uses his poor slave. Electrical agony, torture with clamps, spanking, flogging and brutal fucking… They all fit perfectly this scene.

Sebastian Keys stars by slapping Colby’s wonderful chest, and punches Colby’s stomach. Colby Tucker snorts with the effect, his middle turning a ruddy red under Sebastian’s stunning hands. Next, Sebastian enhances his chest with clothespins. Colby squirms as Sebastian runs his hands along them and flicks them here and there. Sebastian now keeps an eye on Colby’s shake hard cock. He smacks it, and Colby cries in torment. Colby attempts to close his legs, however Sebastian directions him to keep them open or else he’ll acquire more smacks for noncompliance. Next, Colby is suspended from every one of the four of his appendages.

Sebastian Keys punishes and beats his tight ass, requiring some serious energy in the middle of hits to taste it. Colby groans as Sebastian’s wet mouth closes around his asshole. As his beating proceeds, Colby Tucker attempts to dismantle himself up to evade the hits, yet there’s no place to go. At that point he’s put on his knees to support his Master. He swallows Sebastian’s cock, revering each inch. Sebastian hauls out the violet wand and runs it along Colby’s chest.

Colby Tucker shudders as the electric wand rakes over his skin and advances toward his asshole. He groans as Sebastian pushes it and fucks him with it. Next, Colby is placed in metal and rope servitude as Sebastian fucks him. Unfit to move, Colby groans as Sebastian Keys loots his tight hole before blowing his heap all over his ass. Incapable to oppose, Sebastian licks his cum off his slave’s ideal base. At long last, Colby blows his heap all over Sebastian’s cowhide boots and licks everything up.

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Gay Fisting & BDSM: Sebastian Keys Tortures Colby Tucker for Bound Gods

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