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Sharok Torments & Fist Fucks Zak Bishop

Sharok Torments & Fist Fucks Zak Bishop 1

Fisting Inferno

Rosebud lover Sharok comes back to BoundGods to turn another hole into a blooming rosebud. Zak Bishop gets tormented and fist fucked by Sharok in a little different BDSM video. It’s different because the guys from BoundGods usually don’t shoot fisting, and also because Sharok and Zak wear suits, a very untypical outfit for a BDSM scene. The video starts after Zak gets on all fours so that Sharok can put a speculum in his hole. You know, Sharok loves rosettes.

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Then Sharok pours a bottle of beer into the hole of Zak… It’s a bit of a weird decision, but it’s actually quite appropriate for the scene. In the next part, Scharok attaches a dozen of pinches to Zack’s dick and balls. Of course, the scene continues with a rather serious flogging before we reach the climax. Sharok puts a rubber glove on and slowly penetrates Zak with his big fist. Zak isn’t able to take the whole fist, but most likely it will happen very soon because real fisting stays at half an inch. Then Sharok fucks Zak’s stretched ass before drenching him in thick semen.

Gay Fisting: Sharok Torments & Fist Fucks Zak Bishop 1

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