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Straight Guys Abuse Adam Atlante and Maxence Angel

Straight Guys Abuse Adam Atlante and Maxence Angel 1

Adam Atlante has already experienced the pain and torment of two of the gang, but now he discovers another lad has been captured and brought to their lair. Poor twinky boy Maxence Angel has been captured and stripped naked, tormented and humiliated by the horny gang who seem only too happy to cause as much pain and suffering as possible. Their straight masters seem to love scaring them, drawing on their skin, insulting them, making them their little bitches.

None of it is politically correct, but it’s the kind of thing we know happens all the same. If Adam thought he could get some peace now that a new captive is taking so much punishment he can think again, soon enough the gang has Adam taking that twink cock up his hole as they make Maxence fuck him. Just when you think it can’t get any worse for these poor prisoners, we see the arrival of more horny straight guys looking for someone to pleasure their cocks.

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Gay Fisting: Straight Guys Abuse Adam Atlante and Maxence Angel 1

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