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Fisting Inferno

Submissive and Humiliated: Jax

Submissive and Humiliated: Jax 2

This man only needed transport but chose the wrong bus.

Jax worked as an accountant for a large banking group. His job was tedious and too busy, so he quit. The young man is now traveling all over America. He enjoys stunning views, sees new places, meets new people. It seems like this is his dream life.

Submissive and Humiliated: Jax 1
Jax doesn’t expect to take a large cock down his throat.

On that day he has reached a place in nothingness. It’s absolutely empty around and it looks like Jax has lost the way. Walking through the wooded area, he notices an approaching black bus. He stops it and asks the driver if he can take him to the nearest town. The driver does not mind and invites Jack to get into the bus.

Submissive and Humiliated: Jax 2
The sadistic drive cums in Jack’s mouth.

It soon turns out that the driver has no good intentions, and his plan for Jax involves a lot of sadistic action. He ties the young man up and begins to fuck his face. Jax is trying to escape but after his head is dipped into a container of water, he has no choice but to agree. Humiliated and bound, he gets the driver’s huge dick up his tight, straight ass.

Attention! The black bus has not yet been found. Perhaps its driver is waiting for new victims! Be careful!

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    Fisting Inferno


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