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Ass of Steel: Rogue Status and Dakota WolfeGay Dildo Fucking

Ass of Steel: Rogue Status and Dakota Wolfe

Dakota prods deeply, only letting up to give Rogue an opportunity to push out and bloom his rosebud with creamy
Dr. FistGay Dildo Fucking

Dr. Fist

Brock Rustin needs a very good doctor. He’s constantly horny and expects professional help. Dr. Nick Moretti is an excellent
Sean SteeleGay Dildo Fucking

Sean Steele

His debut performance is a dildo solo and self-fisting act that is dick hardening to watch. This guy is so
Seb Evans and David LambertGay BDSM

Seb Evans and David Lambert

Lean, lithe and vulnerable Seb Evans is literally tied over a barrel. Hanging heavily and convex over the cold hollow
Hungry HolesGay Dildo Fucking

Hungry Holes

Two horny guys want to satisfy their holes. This will not be easy. They would like huge dildos and thick
Latex,Electricity,Enema and WadersGay BDSM

Latex,Electricity,Enema and Waders

Brock Avery awaits on all fours as new dom of the house, Abel Archer approaches in full rubber, ordering his
Turbo Leon & Alberto MartinGay BDSM

Turbo Leon & Alberto Martin

Attack Bar Madrid becomes the scene of one of the most upbeat encounters you’ve seen between two Spanish males. Turbo
Ricky Strong & Rafa MarcoGay BDSM

Ricky Strong & Rafa Marco

You shouldn’t joke with Ricky Strong. And that will be right clear to Rafa Marko after suffering a good session
Martin Mazza & Frank ValenciaGay BDSM

Martin Mazza & Frank Valencia

Hitchhiker Martin jumps into a truck hoping to be taken to Madrid, but arrogant trucker has other plans for him.
Macanao Torres & Miguel KiadesGay BDSM

Macanao Torres & Miguel Kiades

Macanao Torres and Miguel Kiades, two young spanish bulls enjoying hardcore sex between machos: dildos, assplay, sneakers, bondage, spit, anal
Alfa Jota & Paco JonesGay BDSM

Alfa Jota & Paco Jones

The slave Paco Jones has to be in cage, and occasionally has to give him piss drink, huge dildo and
Original OptionsGay BDSM

Original Options

Reward – Punishment – Submission: A trip into the bizarre world of sex rituals. A gang of fucked-up skinheads knows
Jordan Fox & DimaxGay BDSM

Jordan Fox & Dimax

Cocky Jordan takes Dimax in hand. Jordan punishes Dimax with kicks, punches and CBT, and then crams his fat cock
Hand It Over – Aaron Hammer, Mason GaretGay BDSM

Hand It Over – Aaron Hammer, Mason Garet

Aaron Hammer works both fists, up to the elbow, into Masen Garet’s asshole!
Bad Ass – Jonathan Doe, Element EclipseGay BDSM

Bad Ass – Jonathan Doe, Element Eclipse

Element Eclipse comes to work expecting another dull day in the garage but finds his coworker Jonathan Doe chained up,