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Teddy Bryce Punch Fists Drew Dixon

Teddy Bryce Punch Fists Drew Dixon 3

In this punch fisting video by Club Inferno Dungeon, Teddy Bryce slides his big, tattooed arm into Drew Dixon’s ass. He punches the bottom strong and rough!

When Teddy Bryce invited his provincial friend Drew Dixon to stay in his apartment, he did not expect Drew to be cheeky enough to abuse his friend’s trust. A year later, Drew is still there, and his endless punch fisting orgies really upset Teddy, who feels as a guest in his own apartment. He thinks it is high time to hold a serious conversation with Drew and explain to him that instead of organizing endless parties, he must start looking for a home.

The two men sit on the couch and start the unpleasant conversation. Teddy Bryce explains that he feels uncomfortable seeing strange men fisting Drew’s ass. He adds that he can not hide in his bedroom non stop, in order to not disturb the perverse parties of his eternal guest. Teddy draws a note sheet and tells Drew that for 300 days he has organized more than 250 parties, which is scandalous.

Drew Dixon is an intelligent young man, so he knows he may have abused Teddy’s hospitality, but he also realizes that maybe Teddy is just jealous. So he accepts the criticisms made of his behavior, adding – “Maybe me and you should organize our own private party”. Teddy agrees willingly, as Drew is now sure that he should pay more attention to his friend.

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“I have seen you many times through the lock, says Teddy. I’m curious how you take a whole fist up your ass, and that part you call punch fisting.” “No problem, you will try everything now”, Drew says. He kneels down and begins to suck the penis of his friend.

A little later he jumps over the washing machine and tells Teddy that it’s time to learn to fist fuck. Teddy is slow and worried at first, but with his friend’s guidance, he soon turns into a fisting machine that brutally treats Drew’s rosebud.

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