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The Big Tool By Club Inferno Dungeon: Full Movie Trailer

The Big Tool By Club Inferno Dungeon: Full Movie Trailer

Another great fisting gay movie today – the full trailer version of “The Big Tool” by Club Inferno Dungeon – this Summer fist fucking hit. Watch blue-collar studs as they search for the right tool. They’re not looking for a tool to fix things on the job, they’re trying to find β€˜The Big Tool’ that fit’s just right in their ass and satisfies them fully. As the testosterone and sexual tensions build at the work site, these studs will take anything in their ass to find the right fit. Join extreme fetish director Tom Moore as he guides 5 gaping studs (Luka Sage, James Oakleigh, Christian Mitchell, Alson Caramel, and Brian Bonds ) to help them find, ‘The Big Tool’.

The Big Tool By Club Inferno Dungeon: Full Movie Trailer 1
Christian Mitchell is fisting Alson Caramel.

Luka Sage and James Oakleigh are hard at work fixing equipment. Luka’s tool is just a bit too small for the job so James steps in to offer up his own power tool. It’s still not enough for Luka’s hungry hole so James crams his fists deep inside, giving Luka exactly what he needs to finish the job. Once Luka blows his load, it’s time for him to return the favor with James. Luka slides his dick into James to open him up and then fist fucks his buddy until James lets his big uncut cock ooze jizz all over his tight, smooth body. Alson Caramel is having issues fixing some equipment when his boss Christian Mitchell, decides to show him how it’s done. Alson follows his boss’ orders and soon has Christian’s fist wrist deep in his ass before he blows a creamy load all over his own bushy pubes.

The Big Tool By Club Inferno Dungeon: Full Movie Trailer 2
James Oakleigh is fist fucking Luka Sage.

Christian is ready for his own hole to be destroyed and lies back to teach Alson the ways of giving. Alson follows orders like a pro and makes Christian’s dick leak loads of pre-cum before it erupts with a ball-draining load of cum. When Brian Bonds finds out that James Oakleigh has received a promotion before he has, he finds himself bit jealous. Brian soon finds out how James got his promotion when he lets the new boss go wrist deep inside his piggy hole. After he blows a juicy load, Brian bends James over to fist punch his crack. With a full fist up his ass, James lets the cum fly and gets a bonus when he gets his own cum stuffed up his busted hole. Sometimes there’s no tool big enough to stretch an ass and that’s when a fist becomes, ‘The Big Tool’.

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