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The Boss’ Right Hand: Seamus O’Reilly Fists Axel Abysse

The Boss' Right Hand: Seamus O'Reilly Fists Axel Abysse 6

The Boss’ Right Hand continues with Axel Abysse and Seamus O’Reilly.

After 3 hot episodes of gay fisting, it’s time for the icing on the cake. It this episode of “The Boss’ Right Hand”, Axel Abysse gets fist fucked by Seamus O’Reilly. But before that, let’s remember what has happened so far. In episode 1, Brian Bonds got fist fucked By Dale Savage. The next episode featured Brian fist fucking Dale. In episode 3, Seamus’ cunt was stretched and punched by Axel’s fist. Today Seamus returns the favor by punching Axel’s giant rosebud.

Seamus O’Reilly was so well fist fucked that he decided to surprise Axel in the break room. Finally Axel Abysse enters the room and sees his colleague with rubber gloved fists. That makes him extremely horny and the giant bulge in his pants proves it. Seamus kneels down and grabs Axel’s pierced dick before he takes it down his throat. The oral service continues with Axel’s red hole. Seamus slips his tongue inside the giant gape and proceeds rimming, sucking and blowing. Axel is moaning in pleasure as Seamus slips his tongue deeper and deeper into the stretched ass.

“Don’t stop, suck my ass” repeats Axel while Seamus rims him with his mouth buried deep inside the big rosette. Finally, it’s time for fisting. Seamus shoves his hairy paw into the rosebud and begins to punch Axel Abysse. Seamus O’Reilly plows that ass as rough as possible. Then Axel lays down on a bench and Seamus boxes his ass again. This time the ginger stud gets almost elbow deep. He picks up the pace and punches Axel, alternating his fists. Seamus then go faster, deeper and rougher. Axel’s rosebud blows out as an undeniable proof of how good fist fucker is Seamus.

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