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Titan Men: Fallen Angel 2 – Leather Hell

Titan Men: Fallen Angel 2 - Leather Hell 5

Another TitanMen’s classic makes its full HD debut.

Titan Men’s legendary demonic classic “Fallen Angel 2″ returns, digitally remastered in high definition format. If you are from the generations of the 70’s, the 80’s and the 90’s of the 20th century, you will probably enjoy this spectacular leather fuck fest. Yes, TitanMen was at its zenith, shooting a hit after a hit. After the great success of the Fallen Angel, the extreme continuation came, and it was even better. People needed a leather action, and the studio definitely had found the right niche. In our 8-minute compilation you will find the best parts of this epic, titanic super hit.

In the first scene, sex demon Kyle Brandon turns Alex Stone into his personal sex guy. The lather master flogs, fucks and torments Alex, betraying his soul to the Lord of Darkness. The second scene features the slaves of the Devil, Thomas Lloyd and Damon Page. They have rough and dirty sex, in order to show their reverence for the god of sin. Scene 3 includes a BDSM action with legends Mike Roberts, Josh Perez and Harold Creg.

In scene 4, Jackson Reid gets used by his leather demon. The muscular creation torments and fucks Jackson, turning him into a Devil worshipper. The movie continues with a threesome – Harold Creg and Keith Webb take turns fucking Tex Matson’s ass and mouth. In scene 6, Alex Stone services two big dick demons. They seed his ass with demonic semen. The last scene features all the guys, in a dirty, piggy and very rough gay leather orgy. Spanking, flogging and anal torture put the end of Fallen Angel 2.

Gay Fisting: Titan Men: Fallen Angel 2 - Leather Hell 1

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