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Tony Prower Edged by Dominic Pacifico and Sebastian Keys

Tony Prower Edged by Dominic Pacifico and Sebastian Keys 6

Dominic Pacifico and Sebastian Keys turns straight guy Tony Prower into a total gay slave.

The toughest day in the life of Tony Prower. This morning his boss fired him because he does not handle his job. His girlfriend has just left him because he does not earn enough money to satisfy her endless needs. On top of everything, today is Tony’s birthday. Instead of being happy in the company of his friends and his girlfriend, he’s feeling alone and completely devastated. Tony chooses the only possible way to forget about the pain – visiting a nearby bar garnished with countless drinks. It’s sad, but we all have our tough days.

After his visit to the bar, Tony Prower leaves completely drunk. Instead of waiting for a taxi, he chooses to walk through the dark streets of the city. He thinks the worst day is almost over, but he has yet another test. On the way to home he meets two gay sadists – Dominic Pacifico and Sebastian Keys. The two rough men see that Tony is drunk and they immediately decide to kidnap him for a private BDSM session in their torture room. Tony can not resist because he is too drunk. So an hour later he finds himself completely tethered in a dungeon.

Understanding Tony’s difficult story, Dominic Pacifico and Sebastian Keys decide not to be so bad and instead of punishment, Tony gets a valuable gift – his first cock edging. Tony has never imagined the end of that day that way – edged by two brutal gay guys. His brain tells him to stop but his cock longs for more. In fact, his opinion does not matter because he is now an ordinary gay slave. Dominic and Sebastian will not stop. Now, let’s enjoy Tony’s great session for Men On Edge.

Gay Fisting: Tony Prower Edged by Dominic Pacifico and Sebastian Keys 1

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