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Daddy’s Dungeon – Scene 2: Silver Steele and Tyler Rush

Daddy’s Dungeon – Scene 2: Silver Steele and Tyler Rush 6

When the Master becomes a slave. Silver Steele and Tyler Rush exchange positions in the second episode of Fisting Cental’s “Daddy’s Dungeon”.

Something unexpected happens in this episode of “Daddy’s Dungeon” with Silver Steele and Tyler Rush. If you watched episode 1, you are familiar with the story. Silver has a secret, well hidden beneath his friendly appearance. He has a dark basement in his huge mansion where he practices his favorite hobby – BDSM. His servant, Tyler, agreed to remain locked in the basement forever so that he could be at his master’s disposal at any time. Master Steele has tortured him for months and Tyler is feeling a little bored.

Tyler needs diversity, and his owner must find a way to meet the needs of his slave. But what can Silver Steele do? He thinks the two of them realize their dreams. Moreover, Tyler was aware of what would have happened to him when they signed their contract. Still, he decides to talk to Tyler Rush and offers him to release him. Tyler tells him he does not need freedom, but he wants at least once to embody an atypical role. Obviously, Tyler wants to command. Silver is not used to being a slave, but in the name of their relationship, he agrees to be the slave in Daddy’s dungeon.

The story brings us inside the dungeon. Silver Steele is bound on a cell with his ass well positioned and ready for abusing. Tyler Rush enters the basement and starts rimming. He tongue fucks Silver for a while before he grabs a whip and proceeds spanking. Silver finds out that he really likes it. With every subsequent whiplash, his cock becomes harder. Tyler uses the moment and sits down on the big dick. He rides his owner until they both end with big cumshots. Tyler kisses Silver through the leather mask on his face and leaves the Daddy’s dungeon.

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