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Trespassing: Axel Abysse & KAy Garnellen

Trespassing: Axel Abysse &  KAy Garnellen

It’s all about trespassing when it comes to Axel Abysse’s bottomless rosebud. In his new double-fisting video, French FTM porn star KAy Garnellen takes care of it by wrecking the last remnants from Axel’s swollen hole.

Trespassing: Axel Abysse &  KAy GarnellenTrespassing: Axel Abysse &  KAy Garnellen 1Trespassing: Axel Abysse &  KAy Garnellen 2Trespassing: Axel Abysse &  KAy Garnellen 3

Axel Abysse enters an abandoned building on the outskirts of Paris, the walls of which are covered with various graffiti. The area is dirty and smells like urine, so Axel feels that he has come to the right place. He feels a throbbing desire in his hole and needs to fill it with his fist immediately. You know – that urge that’s so overwhelming that the only way to deal with it is to give in to it.

At the same time and place is French FTM star KAy Garnellen – a hairy transsexual dude with pretty big fists. He’s there because he’s looking for someone to suck on his swollen penis-sized clit.

Trespassing: Axel Abysse &  KAy Garnellen 7Trespassing: Axel Abysse &  KAy Garnellen 6Trespassing: Axel Abysse &  KAy Garnellen 5Trespassing: Axel Abysse &  KAy Garnellen 4

It’s probably fate, but KAy Garnellen and Axel Abysse manage to cross paths in the abandoned building, and each gets what he came for. Axel enjoys sucking KAy’s clit as he returns the favor with some serious fist pounding. And when one fist is no longer enough for Axel’s huge hole, he puts his own fist in, giving us the unique combination of double-fisting and self-fisting.

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