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Trunks 1: Fredrick Ford and Rik Jammer

Trunks 1: Fredrick Ford and Rik Jammer 1

Rik Jammer and Fredrick Ford have a little more than making out on their minds when they run into each other on the sundeck. Jammer warms up Ford’s cock in his hot mouth, then lets Ford work up his hole with a deep rimming. It’s hard to resist when opportunity presents itself and Jammer’s hole is hard to pass up. The bas-relief of muscle on Ford’s impressive frame becomes even more prominent as he enthusiastically takes his poker to Jammer’s ass. After he’s worked Jammer’s ass good and wide with his cock, Ford pulls out the big gun — his fist. Jammer spreads ’em for the arresting top and Ford goes in deep and dirty, eventually shooting his wet load over Jammer’s ass.

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Gay Fisting Photo By Redixx.Com

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