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Vander Pulaski Gets Tormented – Homo Alone: Part 1

Vander Pulaski Gets Tormented - Homo Alone: Part 1 5

The period around Christmas, when we are all watching “Home Alone”. Well, this year the show is different – the gay BDSM version “Homo Alone” is so much better. And Vander Pulaski is definitely the better version of Kevin. Left home alone, he does everything he can to prevent theft or assault, but when it comes to BDSM, you know Good does not win. On the contrary, the attackers Dirk Caber and Jack Dyer managed to get into the Vander house and the real sadistic part begins here.

Dirk and Jack obey Vander Pulaski, as Jack licks the ass of Vander while Dirk is sucking Vander’s dick. Then, the Masters tie Vander up and proceed face fucking him. A little more face pounding before Dirk and Jack tie Vander up further to enjoy his screams while flogging him. This episode of “Homo Alone” ends with Drik and Jack fucking Vander before cumming inside his mouth.

Gay Fisting: Vander Pulaski Gets Tormented - Homo Alone: Part 1 1

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