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Ashley Ryder Fist Fucks Derek Cline So Good

Ashley Ryder Fist Fucks Derek Cline So Good 6

Ashley Ryder and new gay fisting star Derek Cline open Fisting Central‘s brand new movie “Custodian of the Hole” with an extremely good session. The best thing is that Derek is a new rising star, so we finally have a fresh face, well also a fresh hole. If you remember, on Monday we presented you 2 scenes including Derec in amateur gay fisting session with HungerFF and FFurryStud, check them out HERE and HERE. Of course, this was not accidental, because we knew that Derek’s first professional scene was forthcoming.

Derek is not yet a typical gay porn actor. He is not so muscular and does not simulate, but really experiences everything that happens on his hole. We believe that Ashley Ryder is the best choice for Derek’s partner because Ashley is a true professional and knows how to handle inexperienced pigs.

Ashley Ryder and Derek Cline are cool, but let’s tell you what’s going on in the scene. Ashley plays the role of a custodian, and Derek plays the role of his younger and arrogant boss. Ashley is not pleased with the behavior of his boss, so decides to give him a brutal lesson. A fist in Derek’s hole is definitely the punishment he deserves. The only thing Ashley doesn’t know is that gay fisting is not a punishment but a real reward for the boss.

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