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Well Stuffed

Well Stuffed

Updated on 01/17/2019. Hairy Italian fisting bottom Boyhous returns to get his ass well stuffed by versatile pig Caedon (he gets fisted in the third episode). The scene starts with Caedon rimming that hairy asshole. He then finger fucks and finally fists Boyhous’ rosebud.

This episode of β€œWell Stuffed”, continues with Boyhous getting punched by Cadeon. The Italian fisting bottom loves it rough, so Caedon provides him with good series of ass punching. Once Boyhous’ boxed cunt is gaping enough, Caedon begins to play with that massive, meaty rosebud.

After Boyhous got his ass fisted twice, it’s now Caedon’s turn to take a hand up his ass. Boyhous lubes his hairy fist up and slowly slides it into Caedon’s tight ass. Caedon isn’t so experienced in fisting so Boyhous is gentle and slow.

Boyhous’ hairy fist is still in Caedon’s stretched ass. The Italian pig is now pretty harder with Caedon. His ass is well open so Boyhous fists it rougher. Once the Caedon’s ass is fully satisfied, the two versatile fisters jerk his dicks before shooting their creamy loads.

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