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Wrex Wylde’s Rosebud Double Fist Fucked by Ashley Ryder

Wrex Wylde's Rosebud Double Fist Fucked by Ashley Ryder 4

Meet Wrex Wylde – The guy with the largest rosebud on the planet!

In the beginning, the king was Matthieu Paris. Then the king was Axel Abysse. Well, we have a new king of brutal gay fisting and his name is Wrex Wylde. We didn’t know he was so experienced, if under experienced we mean he has skills like double fists at the same time… and even a whole foot, so yep, he’s the most experienced King of gay fisting. Of course, this amazing hole fascinated us at first sight and to be honest, we are in love with it. Wrex Wylde has a nice profile on Twitter, where you could find some of his extreme anal adventures, videos, pictures, even triple fisting, etc.

We wondered who else on the planet was able to do so extreme things with their hole and the only thing that came to mind was Trent Bloom. So after Trent, Wrex is definitely the best fistee in the world. We write so much about Wrex because Ashley Ryder is a star and you know him well, but we would like to remind you that he also loves double fisting.

We’ll leave you alone to enjoy the video, but before that let us tell you a little more about it. It’s the opening scene from Club Inferno Dungeon‘s brand new movie “The Punchy Proctologist”. Ashley puts both of his fists elbow deep inside Wrex Wylde and starts double fisting his fat rosebud… the largest one we’ve ever seen. Rosebuds, doubles, punching… Everything is amazing, but the finale is grandiose because it includes foot fisting, as Ashley slides his fist and his foot at the same time into Wrex’s big, ruined anal cave.

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