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Aftermath: Yoshi Kawasaki

Aftermath: Yoshi Kawasaki

Here’s the latest update by the most recognizable Japanese gay fisting model Yoshi Kawasaki. In “Aftermath” he rides some big dildos. But why is the video titled “Aftermath”? This time the title is quite literal, because the video was filmed the day after Yoshi’s fisting orgy when he took a fist after fist while his friends enjoyed his amazing rosebud. Below we have applied a link to recall this video, which is also a sequel of the massage that Yoshi received a day early. So, “Aftermath” is actually the end of a three-day fisting marathon.

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That day, Yoshi Kawasaki wakes up with a pleasant sense of fullness and extreme stretching. Looks like he spent the last night with a big blue butt plug in the hole. He pulls the toy out, which gives us the opportunity to see Yoshi’s huge rosebud once more. Then, he fucks his own ass with a massive rubber penis that makes his ass even wider. This is where the time comes for a serious arsenal. Yoshi puts a really huge blue dildo on the bed and starts riding it. After that, he continues with a long and thick red dildo. In the end, he fucks himself with a double-ended with both of the heads of the toy.

Aftermath: Yoshi Kawasaki

Aftermath: Yoshi Kawasaki 1

Aftermath: Yoshi Kawasaki 2

Aftermath: Yoshi Kawasaki 3

Aftermath: Yoshi Kawasaki 4

Aftermath: Yoshi Kawasaki 5

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