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Champagne Fist Fest With HungerFF – Part 1

Champagne Fist Fest With HungerFF - Part 1

HungerFF always knows how to make things spicy!

A bottle of champagne is the unexpected surprise in this video featuring HungerFF, playing the top and an anonymous fist hungry bottom. In fact, when Hunger is involved, nothing is unexpected because when it comes to anal fantasies, HungerFF really is extremely resourceful. After all, we’re talking about the biggest fisting pig on the planet. Below you will read the description of HungerFF, but we want to tell you, we really enjoyed this amazing punch fisting. It was just wow.

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Pictures from the session

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This guy loves getting creative when he’s getting fisted! Before we met up for another play session, he had me run out and buy a bottle of champagne to fill his ass up while I was fisting him. I’m not much of a drinker so I forgot how, ummm… explosive (?) Champagne can be LOL This is a hot video that I’m sure you guys will like a lot!

Gay Fisting & BDSM: Champagne Fist Fest With HungerFF - Part 1

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